a collection of illustrations created for a monthly column published in GEO MAGAZINE
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"election fraud"
"migratory birds" illustration of Aristoteles theory, he thought birds disappear because they hibernate on the bottom of a lake...

currency reform: in the USA the first coins were made out of George Washingtons silver-plates
organic glue: illustration for article about "polymer materials" and an organic glue made out of resin
"cash machine"
fear of being buried alive
"artificial snow"

"coin flip": the illustration is based on Donald Duck who created the philosphy of flipism and made all decisions by fliping a coin.

counting peas: 
A famous anecdote illustrates Baedeker’s exacting methods: In 1847, Baedeker was in Milan to research the city’s celebrated cathedral. No trip to this site is complete without a climb to the cathedral roof for the rare and spectacular close-up view it affords of the decorative carvings high above the city. As Baedeker ascended the steep stairs to the roof, he was seen to pull something from his pant pocket and drop it every few steps. In fact, the scrupulous fact-checker was placing a pea at 20-step intervals to ensure the precision of his count. On his way back down, Baedeker collected the peas to cross check his figures and thus assure his readers ¾ with consummate accuracy ¾ of the exertions required to reach the top.
population growth: to stop a growing population a priest suggested the return of the black death. that's why he demanded to quit personal hygiene
"climate change" and the possibility of a new ice age
"Rosa Parks"
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