4 clips based on "Nachtmahr"-songs by Meret Becker. 
The illustrations were done some time ago and these clips were made to promote 
the digital release of „Nachtmahr“ in 2021 on social media. 
 "the title is a play on words, something between insane & destructed ghost or even destructed by a ghost. it includes some lyrics from Lewis Carrolls “Alice in wonderland”."(Meret Becker)
"the song is about a little girl called Meret , who was announced the witch-child. it’s part of the book “Der grüne Heinrich” by Gottfried Keller. Surrealist Meret Oppenheim was named after this story and I was named after her. my beloved father Otto Sander read me this shortstory when I was little and on the album it’s his great voice reading the original outtakes for you."(Meret Becker)
"this image is inspired by the lyrics „ old man who -since two hours- tries to tell himself a joke he doesn’t know.“ word by word „prise de tête“ means head-taken, in deutsch: Kopfnehmung, actually: top-heavy, in deutsch: kopflastig. The song takes place in a surreal bar."(Meret Becker)
"the text was written by Thomas Brasch, whom I could always count on and could even call at 4 a.m. When I was working on this album, I asked his advice. In return, I was asked to select a page number from the manuscript he was working on, which he then read out to me. I immediately fell in love with the text about the so-called "bare being" and asked him to give it to me. he refused at first because he thought the music with Joshi's voice was complete and beautiful. When I selected another page and clicked again on "the bare being" - 2 out of 1000 pages he finally gave in and handed me the text. "Mädchenmörder Brunke" was Brasch's last book. it now comprises around 120 pages, while the original script, as far as I know, comprises around 5000 pages, which are in the Akademie der Künste. the music was played on a piano in Conny Plank Studio and includes ASMR sounds like eggs, scissors, gold rings on metal hip implants, and bubbly champagne." (Meret Becker)
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